Frequently Asked Questions
Latin Magic Introductions understands that most single men are fed up with the Women's Lib Movement of today. They are tired of being in competition with their woman at every turn. You cannot even compliment many women on their appearance without getting the third degree and a threat of a sexual harassment lawsuit as a "thank you" for the compliment. If you are among the men who seek a relationship with a special woman who wants to love and honor her husband, instead of being in competition with him, take a moment to read these Questions and Answers.

1. How do these ladies find out about Latin Magic Introductions?
Answer: They see our advertisements in publications throughout Latin America or they have been referred to us by a friend that has married one of our clients.

 2. Do these women know they will have to move to the country where their new husband lives?
Answer: All of the women understand they will have to move to another country and each has expressed her desire to do so.

 3. Are these women just looking for a "free ride"?
Answer: These women would gladly take a husband in their own country if they could find the right man, but the latin culture makes that difficult to do. They want a man who will treat them with dignity, love and respect, sometimes very difficult for her to find in her own country.

 4. I'm just an average looking guy. Why would these beautiful girls be interested in me?
Answer: You are not average in her eyes, You're Special! Unlike women in the USA, you will find that Latin women feel that personal qualities such as sensitivity and faithfulness are much more important than how a man looks. Simply put, Latin women are much more appreciative of the real things in a man.

 5. What about age difference?
Answer: In the Latin culture, women often marry men 10, 15, 20 years older than themselves. Older men are considered more sincere and can, in most instances, offer a more secure future.

 6. Why is the phrase "seeking a faithful man" seen in almost all the letters written to Latin Magic?
Answer: In Latin American countries, being unfaithful to one's wife has always been part of the machismo culture. American/European television and movies which are widely viewed in Latin America show these women that there can be faithfulness and loyalty in a relationship.

 7. Are these women as materialistic as American women?
Answer: Absolutely not. The women of Latin America are typically non-materialistic. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with their honest and sincere appreciation of all small gifts, attention and affection they receive.

 8. Is it dangerous to travel to see my lady in Latin America?
Answer: Cities in Latin America are no more dangerous than cities of comparable size in the USA or Europe.


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