63rd Edition - Gallery 6
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Order Number: 6326 
Name: Cristy 
Age: 41 Weight: 125 lbs Height: 5'7" 
Country: Lima, Peru 
Profession: NA / Some English 
Interests: Outdoors, movies, music and enjoying family and friends. 
Self Description: "I am sensitive, sincere, faithful and extremely affectionate. I am seeking to meet a man who is faithful, sincere, tender and affectionate." 
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Order Number: 6327 
Name: Maria 
Age: 40 Weight: NA Height: NA 
Country: Guayaquil, Ecuador 
Profession: Attorney / English ? 
Interests: Enjoying family and friends, movies and travel. 
Self Description: "I am a simple, traditional, friendly, faithful lady. I do not have any children. I am seeking to know a man who is cheerful, respectful, faithful, and tender."
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Order Number:  6328
Name:  Diana
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Order Number: 6329 
Name: Emma 
Age: 38 Weight: 116 lbs Height: 5'2" 
Country: Cordoba, Mexico 
Profession: Accountant / Good English and French 
Interests: Internet, kids, museums, learning new cultures andtravel. 
Self Description: "I am an honest, tender and caring lady. I am hoping to meet a man who is loving and kind and is ready for marriage and wants to have children."
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Order Number: 6330 
Name: Claudia 
Age: 35 Weight: 122 lbs Height: 5'3" 
Country: Cali, Colombia 
Profession: Manager / Some English 
Interests: Taking walks, movies, music, and spending time withgood friends. 
Self Description: "I am a loving, caring, tender and sensual young woman. I do not have children. I am hoping to meet a man with a wonderful sense of humor, who is faithful, honest, tender and romantic and wants to be with me forever."

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