57th Edition - Gallery 2
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Order Number: 5706
Name: Adriana
Age: 35 Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Cali, Colombia
Profession: Secretary / English ?
Interests: Quiet places, taking walks, outdoor activities, music and dancing.
Self Description: "I am an attractive, home loving, hard working, friendly, faithful lady with a big heart. I have a wonderful son who is 12 years old. I am looking to meet a man who is tender, understanding, responsible with a good heart."
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Order Number:  5707
Name:  Carolina
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Order Number: 5708
Name: Alexsandra
Age: 38 Weight: 123 lbs Height: 5'4"
Country: Cali, Colombia
Profession: Business Administrator / English ?
Interests: Fishing, swimming, movies and travel.
Self Description: "I am an honest, faithful, romantic, loyal, caring and loving woman. I have a semi-paralysis on the left side of my body. I am hoping to meet a man who is noble, likes animals and has a big heart."
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Order Number: 5709
Name: Yeni
Age: 37 Weight: 125 lbs Height: 5'3"
Country: Panama, Republica de Panama
Profession: Economist / Some English
Interests: Discovering new places, going to the beach and salsa music.
Self Description: "I am a simple, honest, helpful and very affectionate women and I love family life. I am seeking a man who is tender, loving, and wants to share his life with me."
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Order Number:  5710
Name:  Claudia

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