56th Edition - Gallery 3
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Order Number: 5611
Name: Hilda
Age: 45 Weight: 116 lbs Height: 5'3"
Country: Leon, Mexico
Profession: Artist / Good English
Interests: Writing, horseback riding, playing piano, playing chess and dancing.
Self Description: "I am a very cheerful, friendly, optimistic, sincere and sensual lady . I wish to meet a man with high moral values, who is educated, polite, is financially stable."
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Order Number: 5612
Name: Suely
Age: 33 Weight: 102 lbs Height: 5'2"
Country: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Profession: Baby Sitter / Some English
Interests: Horseback riding, the outdoors and traveling.
Self Description: "I am a very outgoing, friendly, happy and loving young woman. I would like to meet a Christian man who is gentle, affectionate, faithful, does not smoke or drink and is ready for a loving relationship with a tender and giving Brasileira."
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Order Number: 5613
Name: Laureen
Age: 37 Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5'4"
Country: Facatativa (Cundinamarca), Colombia
Profession: Dentist / English ?
Interests: Studying, sports, traveling and enjoying nature.
Self Description: "I am honest, faithful, romantic, loyal, caring and sweet. I with to meet a marriage-minded man who is tender, likes to love and be loved and who is ready for a lifelong commitment."

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