56th Edition - Gallery 1
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Order Number: 5602
Name: Claudia
Age: 34 Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5'3"
Country: Bogota, Colombia
Profession: Dentist / Good English
Interests: Aerobics, movies, dancing, books and music.
Self Description: "I am an affectionate, sincere, honest and enterprising young woman and I have one 10 year old child. I am looking for a man who is also affectionate, sincere and who wants to begin a very happy home." 
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Order Number: 5603
Name: Luz
Age: 43 Weight: 114 lbs Height: 5'4"
Country: Cali, Colombia
Profession: Travel Agent / English ?
Interests: Animals (especially horses), outdoors, diving and sports.
Self Description: "I am an educated, honest, caring and very tender lady and I have a daughter who is 16 years old. I am hoping to meet a man who is sincere, tender and polite. If he has children is OK, we can form a happy and big family together."
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Order Number:  5604
Name:  Matilde
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Order Number: 5605
Name: Claritza
Age: 31 Weight: 119 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Santiago, Dominican Republic
Profession: Aerobics Instructor / English ?
Interests: Swimming, ping pong and listening to good music.
Self Description: "I am a sincere, sexy and modern young woman. I am hoping to meet a man who does not drink or smoke, who is polite, romantic and wants to begin a loving and tender relationship."

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