55th Edition - Gallery 2
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Order Number: 5506
Name: Fanny
Age: 29 Weight: 110 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Profession: Foreign Language Student / Good English
Interests: Bicycling, cooking, movies, theater, parties and reading.
Self Description: "I am a non drinker/non smoker, I am funny, tender, friendly, serious, sensitive and loyal. I am seeking a man who is funny, sensual, peaceful, sensitive and romantic." 
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Order Number:  5507
Name:  Maria
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Order Number: 5508
Name: Jenny
Age: 34 Weight: 123 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Lima, Peru
Profession: Kindergarten Teacher/ Good English
Interests: Concerts, theater, museums, music and dancing.
Self Description: "I am very feminine, caring, faithful and loyal young woman and I love homelife. I am looking for a man who has a sense of humor, is cheerful, has a good heart and is serious about having a committed and loving relationship."
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Order Number: 5509
Name: Gloria
Age: 39 Weight: NA Height: NA
Country: Bogota, Colombia
Profession: Bacteriologist
Interests: Dancing, reading, travel and music.
Self Description: "I am a romantic, understanding, loving and hardworking lady. I hope to meet a man who is respectful of others, is kind, tender, affectionate and who wants a loving and tender woman."
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Order Number: 5510
Name: Silvia
Age: 34 Weight: 128 lbs Height: 5'6"
Country: Quito, Ecuador
Profession: Social Worker
Interests: Bicycling, Swimming, sports, traveling and music.
Self Description: "I am very sociable, patient, tolerant, tender, affectionate and hard working. I would like to meet a man who is responsible, faithful, tender and wants a serious and stable relationship."

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