54th Edition - Gallery 7
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Order Number: 5432
Name: Raquel
Age: 50 Weight: 122 lbs Height: 5'4"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Teacher / Good English
Interests: Nature, science and art.
Self Description: "I am a healthy, optimistic and tender lady with a very positive attitude. I am seeking a man who loves people, has agreat sense of humor and is seeking that very special woman to spend the rest of his life with."
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Order Number: 5433
Name: Vicky
Age: 31 Weight: 110 lbs Height: 5'2"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Cosmetologist / Some English
Interests: Singing, learning other cultures and dancing.
Self Description: "I am a warm and caring woman seeking happiness with a wonderful warm and caring man." 
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Order Number: 5434
Name: Yesenia
Age: 32 Weight: 116 lbs Height: 5'3"
Country: Peru
Profession: Computer Technologist
Interests: Dancing the samba, horseback riding, nature, flowers and learning other cultures.
Self Description: "I am a hardworking, simple, affectionate and tender girl. I am hoping to meet a man who is passionate, loves life, likes animals, nature and flowers."
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Order Number: 5435
Name: Martha
Age: 41 Weight: 110 lbs Height: 5'1"
Country: Ecuador
Profession: Radio Announcer / Good English
Interests: Cooking, reading poetry, aerobic dancing, singing and travel.
Self Description: "I am spontaneous, original, creative, active, confident, romantic, tender and passionate. I am seeking a kind, comprehensive and sincere man who is not afraid to tell me that he is in love with me or that he is not."

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