54th Edition - Gallery 3
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Order Number: 5411
Name: Patricia
Age: 39 Weight: 131 lbs Height: 5'7"
Country: Mexico
Profession: Travel Agent
Interests: Playing basketball, walking, nature, exercising and good music.
Self Description: "I am a simple home loving girl who is kind, tender and I have a lot of love to give. I am wanting to meet a man who loves home life, sports, is honest and understanding and has a lot of love to give me."
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Order Number: 5412
Name: Rosa
Age: 45 Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5'3"
Country: Peru
Profession: Teacher / Good English
Interests: Listening to music (especially classical), sports, swimming 
and going to the countryside.
Self Description: "I am happy, responsible, amorous, sociable, a little shy and I love home life. My dream is to meet a man who enjoys music, movies and reading, is kind, has a good sense of humor, and is ready to love and be loved by a good woman."
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Order Number: 5413
Name: Rosana
Age: 35 Weight: 122 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Mexico
Profession: Business Administration / Good English
Interests: Going to historic places, swimming, writing letters,and exercising.
Self Description: "I am a very happy and active person, I am sociable, conservative, adaptable, romantic and very loving. I would like to meet a man who cares about his health, loves family, is respectful of others, is mature and is serious about a relationship... I am!"
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Order Number: 5414
Name: Gloria
Age: 33 Weight: 126 lbs Height: 5'6"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Law Student
Interests: Loves playing basketball and most other sports.
Self Description: "I am a soft and romantic young woman. I would like to meet a man who is tender, loving, faithful and is respectful of his woman."
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Order Number:  5415
Name:  Rossana

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