53rd Edition - Gallery 7
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Order Number: 5331
Name: Olivia
Age: 35 Weight: 106 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Student and works part time.
Interests: Nature, travel and enjoying family and friends.
Self Description: "I am an honest, sincere, tender, loving and natural woman. I am hoping to meet a man who is focused, is sincere about finding a happy and loving relationship and enjoys family life."
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Order Number: 5333
Name: Elvira
Age: 51 Weight: 105 lbs Height: 5'1"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Sales
Interests: Cooking, swimming, going to the mountains and gardening.
Self Description: "I am a home loving, romantic, tranquill, Christian lady and I have a very optimistic personality. I am hoping to meet a Christian man who is honest, patient, sensible and tender."
(Has a US passport/visa)
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Order Number: 5334
Name: Patricia
Age: 39 Weight: 116 lbs Height: 5'5"
Country: Peru
Profession: Secretary / Good English/Italian
Interests: Theater, ballet, movies, music and dancing.
Self Description: "I have a very upbeat personality and a great sense of humor. I dont drink or smoke. I am tender, loving and sincere about dating and having a family. I would like to meet a man (social drinker OK) who is honest, ambitious, sensitive, caring, likes to dance and is ready for a serious relationship."
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Order Number: 5335
Name: Monica
Age: 31 Weight: 131 lbs Height: 5'7"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Language Instructor / Good English
Interests: Homelife, nature, movies and enjoying good food.
Self Description: "I have a good sense of humor. I am honest, affectionate, faithful, and have a very strong family and religious background. I am seeking a man who is loyal, sincere, has respect for women and loves children, religion and family."

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