52nd Edition - Gallery 6
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Order Number: 5226 
Name: Gloria 
Age: 42 Weight: 138 lbs Height: 5'7" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Executive Secretary 
Interests: Cooking, movies, reading and taking care of myself (body, hair, skin, etc). 
Self Description: "I am a Christian lady who is educated, sociable, tender, loving and have strong moral values. I hope to meet a man who is responsible, honest, loving and affectionate."
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Order Number: 5227 
Name: Maria 
Age: 30 Weight: 135 lbs Height: 5'6" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Secretary 
Interests: Writing songs, aerobics, collecting teddy bears, music and dancing. 
Self Description: "I am an honest, hardworking, tender, faithful and romantic home lover. My desire is to meet a man who is kind, loving and really needs a loving woman."
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Order Number: 5228 
Name: Mary 
Age: 44 Weight: 110 lbs Height: 5'4" 
Country: Peru 
Profession: Journalist / Some English 
Interests: Volleyball, all sports, walking and reading. 
Self Description: "I am a very romantic woman. I am seeking a special man who is intelligent , kind, caring and wants a loving lady."
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Order Number:  5229
Name:  Delia
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Order Number:  5230
Name:  Ana Lucia

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