47th Edition - Gallery 3
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Order Number: 4711 
Name: Adriana 
Age: 32 Weight: 106 lbs Height: 5'3" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Accountant 
Interests: Martial arts, animals, sports, music and reading. 
Self Description: "I am a sincere, extroverted, loving young woman and I have one child 11 years old. I want to meet someone who is sincere, romantic, affectionate and wants a lasting relationship."
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Order Number: 4712 
Name: Nadira 
Age: 41 Weight: 144 lbs Height: 5'1" 
Country: Venezuela 
Profession: Trading Associate 
Interests: Cooking, concerts, dancing, the beach and studying other cultures. 
Self Description: "I am loving, tender and romantic. I want to meet someone who is respectful, tender, humorous, enjoys music and without vices."
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Order Number: 4713 
Name: Stella 
Age: 41 Weight: 114 lbs Height: 5'1" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Waitress 
Interests: Bicycling, soccer and swimming. 
Self Description: "I am a tender, passionate, responsible, easygoing, hardworking and loyal Catholic lady. I am hoping to meet my lifemate who is tender and has a good sense of humor."
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Order Number: 4714 
Name: Lydia 
Age: 36 Weight: 90 lbs Height: 4'11" 
Country: Mexico 
Profession: Student / Good English 
Interests: Music, dancing, dining out and travel. 
Self Description: "I am an honest respectful and loyal young woman. I am seeking a soul mate who enjoys sports, has good moral values and wishes to start a loving family."
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Order Number:  4715
Name:  Sandra

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