41st Edition - Gallery 1
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Order Number:  4101
Name:  Rosane
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Order Number: 4102 
Name: Renate 
Age: 35 Weight: N/A Height: 5'5" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Law Student 
Interests: Swimming, movies, aerobics, studying and dancing. 
Self Description: "I would like to know a man who is serious, tender, respectful, not selfish or jealous, who knows how to have fun and enjoys homelife."
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Order Number:  4103
Name:  Clara
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Order Number: 4104 
Name: Gabriela 
Age: 44 Weight: 134 lbs Height: 5'4" 
Country: Mexico 
Profession: Bilingual Secretary / Good English 
Interests: Aerobics, getting together with friends, going to the beach and countryside and enjoys home life. 
Self Description: "I am caring, friendly, pleasant, outgoing, affectionate, understanding and patient. I would like to meet a man who is sure of himself, ambitious, financially secure, is considerate, caring, understanding, patient and is serious about marriage."
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Order Number: 4105 
Name: Liliana 
Age: 41 Weight: 117 lbs Height: 5'1" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Men's Clothing Mgr. 
Interests: Walking, music and dancing. 
Self Description: "I am a caring and sincere young lady and I have 2 daughters 13 and 19 years old. I am hoping to meet a man with agood sense of humor, who is honest, tender and caring."

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