40th Edition - Gallery 3
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Order Number:  4001
Name:  Vera
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Order Number:  4012
Name:  Maria
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Order Number: 4013
Name: Neda
Age: 46 Weight: 117 lbs Height: 5'3"
Country: Bolivia
Profession: Art Teacher/Good English
Interests: Painting, cooking, writing poetry, sports, animalsand nature.
Self Description: "Iam a very social woman. I am good natured,passionate, considerate and caring. I hope to meet a man who is secure, intelligent, responsible, kind and loving ."
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Order Number: 4014
Name: Alicia
Age: 40 Weight: 121 lbs Height: 5'4"
Country: Colombia
Profession: Accountant
Interests: Running, swimming, exercising, movies, reading andtravel.
Self Description: "I am a very happy, sincere, loyal, healthyand fun loving young woman. I want to meet a man who is serious, good natured, healthy, loyal and affectionate."
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Order Number: 4015
Name: Rebeca
Age: 47 Weight: 115 lbs Height: 5'2"
Country: Mexico
Profession: Marketing Manager/ Good English
Interests: Writing, arts, home life, learning other culturesand all sports.
Self Description: "I am a hard working, enthusiastic, sensitive,intelligent and very affectionate lady. I am interested in meeting a man who is friendly, educated, enthusiastic, strong, affectionate,faithful and is serious about marriage."

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