39th Edition - Gallery 7
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Order Number: 3931 
Name: Shiana 
Age: 32 Weight: 131 lbs Height: 5'4" 
Country: Panama 
Profession: Teacher 
Interests: Walking, writing letters, cooking, movies, listening to music and dancing. 
Self Description: "I am a passionate, loyal, educated, attractive and warm lady. I hope to know a man who is attentive, tender, faithful with no vices and is serious about a relationship."
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Order Number: 3932 
Name: Guillermina 
Age: 42 Weight: 144 lbs Height: 5'8" 
Country: Dominican Republic 
Profession: Secretary 
Interests: Church, exercising, bicycling, walking and reading. 
Self Description: "I am an affectionate, loving, loyal and sincere woman. I would like to correspond with a man who is responsible, sincere, faithful, considerate and affectionate."
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Order Number:  3933
Name:  Norma
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Order Number: 3934 
Name: Ana 
Age: 32 Weight: 106 lbs Height: 4'11" 
Country: Honduras 
Profession: Student 
Interests: Listening to music, nature and sightseeing. 
Self Description: "I am a happy dreamer and I am loyal, romantic, inquisitive and eager to learn. I want to correspond with a man who is strong, friendly, faithful and serious about a lasting relationship."
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Order Number: 3935 
Name: Vetzy 
Age: 38 Weight: 136 lbs Height: 5'9" 
Country: Panama 
Profession: Student / Some English 
Interests: Aerobics, reading and listening to music. 
Self Description: "I am a fun loving, loyal, affectionate and caring young lady. I am hoping to correspond with a man  who is intelligent, respectful, considerate, loyal and affectionate."

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