39th Edition - Gallery 6
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Order Number: 3926 
Name: Lindaura 
Age: 38 Weight: 124 lbs Height: 5'2" 
Country: Brazil 
Profession: Secretary 
Interests: Loves animals, being in contact with happy people, listening to music and dancing. 
Self Description: "I am a happy, communicative, sincere, sensitive, compassionate, understanding and affectionate woman. I am would like to correspond with a man who takes life seriously, is tender, affectionate, faithful, understanding, happy and has a good sense of humor."
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Order Number: 3927 
Name: Jessica 
Age: 38 Weight: 126 lbs Height: 5'2" 
Country: Peru 
Profession: Bilingual Secretary / Good English 
Interests: Photography, music and reading. 
Self Description: "I am a shy, intelligent, educated, loyal and affectionate young lady. I would like to correspond with a man  who is serious, reliable, considerate, educated, faithful, affectionate and without children."
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Order Number: 3928 
Name: Marlen 
Age: 30 Weight: 128 lbs Height: 5'7" 
Country: Honduras 
Profession: Beautician 
Interests: Movies, reading, listening to music and home life. 
Self Description: "I am a pleasant, attractive, friendly, loyal, affectionate, sincere and hard working lady with no bad vices. I am hoping to meet a man who is understanding, patient, sincere, friendly, affectionate and has serious intentions about a relationship."
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Order Number:  3929
Name:  Iris
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Order Number: 3930 
Name: Yamell 
Age: 49 Weight: 123 lbs Height: 5'2" 
Country: Colombia 
Profession: Ondontologist / Good English 
Interests: Movies, concerts, plays and listening to good music. 
Self Description: "I am a very positive, happy, understanding, family-loving and warm lady. I have a daughter 14 years old. I am seeking correspondence with a man who is positive, open minded, understanding and serious about a relationship."

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